13 March 2009

Hypnosis and The Mind

Fundamentals of the Mind
The human mind may be subdivided into three parts: the Unconscious, Subconscious and Conscious. These compare to a computer:

Unconscious - operating system
Subconscious = hard drive
Conscious = RAM

Each part has separate and distinct tasks. The Unconscious mind operates your automatic body systems such as the circulatory system, much as a computer’s operating system includes its basic functions. The Subconscious mind operates like a hard drive by storing files of all kinds, from a full memory bank of your past to your emotional spectrum, to its most vital task: protecting you at all costs. The Conscious mind is our everyday mind, making immediate day to day decisions like what to wear, eat, and drink. It is the gatekeeper, choosing what information is to be acted upon moment by moment. It’s the mind you’re reading this book with right now, and its tasks include comparing, reasoning, and explaining. These abilities are called the Critical Factor and are bypassed in hypnosis.

Importance of the Subconscious Mind
To update a file on your computer, you must open the original file and make the changes. In the human mind, original files are stored in the Subconscious. To gain access, we must reach the Subconscious directly, bypassing the Conscious mind. In other words, one way to gain positive changes in the present is to neutralize the negativity in the past. We do not change the memories, we upgrade how you feel about them.
This upgrading can only be accomplished in the Subconscious, for that is where memories are stored, and it can only be reached through bypass of the Conscious mind, and that can only be done through hypnosis.
Why? It’s what works. Hypnosis specifically sets the Conscious mind aside temporarily.

Your Mind Must Protect You; Good News, Bad News
All levels of your mind work to protect you as best they can at all times. And this especially applies to the Subconscious.
It must protect you at all costs, and to do so, it may even lie to you, or more to the point, to your Conscious mind. It may lie about you, about others, it may even lie to your hypnotist while you are in trance. It may hide memories from you. And much, much more. This is because once it accepts negative behaviors in the name of your safety, it hangs on to those behaviors. Some examples are:

•smoking anything
•being obese
•declining success
•biting your fingernails
•spending compulsively

You may well ask, how can compulsive spending possibly protect me? It distracts you. Misdirection is one highly effective way your Subconscious protects you by keeping a lid on overwhelming emotions. Ergo the addict.
You may well ask, how can declining to be successful possibly protect me? It limits you. Limiting exposure to risk is another way to protect you.
It is when such protective efforts do not meet your current needs that you desire change. Hypnosis sets aside the Conscious mind, makes changes via the Subconscious mind, and change is achieved.

How Hypnosis Upgrades Your Files
Hypnosis is able to change your perception of your memories, and thus of yourself. We do not change the events themselves, we upgrade how you feel about them, and thus your daily life is upgraded.
By accessing the original files stored in the Subconscious, you are able to see all of the reasons why your mind specifies your behaviors in the name of protecting you, and together we upgrade those behaviors since, typically, the need of that protection is gone. You are no longer in the middle of the event that had such an impact on you.
Your Conscious mind does not have complete access to your memory files; that is not its job. This is why merely talking about change is such an ineffective means of getting any. Talking happens in the Conscious mind. Change happens in the Subconscious.
And here’s the rub: the Subconscious outvotes the Conscious mind. It is far, far larger, stronger, and more powerful. This is why willpower fails so miserably for the dieter. Unless the Subconscious agrees to a healthy diet and a normalized body weight, your finest of intentions are short lived, having been overridden by the Subconscious mind.
Emotions are a function of, and are stored in, the Subconscious. When you have had an emotional reaction to danger, for example, real or imagined, those emotions are felt and stored in your Subconscious. Hypnosis accesses those stored emotions, upgrades your perception of them, and this results in changed behavior.
You must give yourself permission to make changes. You must want to change. You must want to enter into hypnosis. And this means not being afraid of hypnosis. So, let’s define what hypnosis is in several ways, as there is no single perfect way to phrase it.

What Hypnosis Is
•“Hypnosis is the bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind combined with the establishment of selective thinking,” says the US Government.
•Hypnosis is a blend of physical relaxation and extreme mental alertness. Yes, I said extreme.
•Hypnosis is a state of focused concentration. This is why a few minutes of emotional expression in trance is worth hours in an alert state. Humans are so easily distracted, and the Conscious mind is forever making excuses for everything. In hypnosis, the conscious mind is set aside, and excuses are seen for what they are.
•Hypnosis is the state you enter into every time you watch a tv show you like, see a film you like, or sit down at the computer intending to only be there for 10 minutes... and suddenly it’s two hours later.
•Hypnosis also happens when humans fall in love, literally entranced.

What Hypnosis Is Not
•Hypnosis is not mind control.
•Hypnosis is not a royal proclamation.
•Hypnosis is not sleep. We use relaxation, not sleep, to enter hypnosis. You do not wake up from hypnosis, you emerge. And you already know exactly what emerging from hypnosis feels like! Remember the last time you went to the movies, loved the film, and at the end when the credits rolled, you suddenly “came to”? You just emerged from hypnosis. That’s exactly what it feels like, because that’s exactly what happened.
•Hypnosis is not being unconscious. You can hear everything that goes on around you during trance; you’re just not interested in it.
•Hypnosis is not relaxation. That’s just an optimal starting point.
•Hypnosis is not being drugged. However, one can easily mimic a drugged state in hypnosis, provided you have previously felt the effects of that drug. Your body remembers. This is useful for pain control.
•Hypnosis is not involuntary. Just as no one can make you enjoy a movie that fails to entrance you, no one can make you remain in hypnosis. I typically teach my clients self hypnosis on the very first session so that they know for certain that they can emerge whenever they like. Anyone can emerge from hypnosis instantly by making that their intention.

How Does It Actually Happen?
Hypnotists use methods we call techniques. These include Direct Suggestion, Regression To Cause, The Forgiveness Pyramid, Parts, The Spa of Your Inner Mind, The Recording Studio, Progression, and Higher Mind, among others.

The Last Word
The media uses hypnosis on you all the time. Aaaalllllllll the time. Advertisers have been known to employ hypnotists to assess the hypnotic potential of a given advertisement, and pay good money for it.
Every time you watch television and enjoy it, you go into a state of trance. Ditto listening to music, going to the movies, watching a DVD, hearing talk radio, reading a magazine, and so forth. When you don’t like a particular type of music, it is expressly because it fails to put you into the trance you listen to music for.
So here comes the big duh. Why should media have all the fun? Please visit your friendly neighborhood trance specialist and use hypnosis to further your own goals.

Ah, hypnosis. So easy you can do it with your eyes closed.

Getting Into Action

There are four great ways to apply the Law of Attraction in your life:

1) Letting go of the negative with The Sedona Method

2) Giving without wanting something back in return

3) Getting Into Action

4) Following your heart.

This article is the second in the series on applying the Law of Attraction and focuses on getting into action.

Why is it important to get into action?

If you simply fantasize about how great it is going to be to have what you want, but you don’t take action, you are engaging in “magical thinking.” When you let go of fantasy and take action to achieve your goals, you deal with what is actually here now and take the appropriate actions to bring what you want to you. You also make yourself available to unexpected ways of attracting success.

Many people, when they attempt to create what they want in their lives, pretend that there is nothing they need to do in order to create what they want. This is true if you have completely let go of the negative; however, it does not work if you have any doubt or subconscious hold-backs about what you are trying to create.

For most of us, it is much more practical to get into at least some action to achieve our goals. Otherwise we simply spend time imagining how great it will be to get our goals without noticing that there may be action required to achieve them.

When you do get into action two things happen. First you may actually do something that will produce the desired result or make yourself available to discover what the right action may be. The other advantage in getting into action is that it brings up all the thoughts and feelings that you have within you that are contrary to you achieving your goal so you can let them go with The Sedona Method.

Getting into action also generates the energy and momentum needed to overcome whatever obstacles you discover both internally and externally that may be in your way. Action sends a clear sign to the universe that you are serious about your intent which primes the pump of creation.

There Are Two Types of Action

The two types are, one, action to attract your goal and, two, taking action without wanting anything back in return. Most of us act only for ourselves or those we care about. However, it is important to take both types of action.

Just like with giving, when you act without wanting anything back in return – without being attached to the outcome – the results are much more profound. You are truly letting your actions go and not damming up the flow of universal energy.
When you act with only personal intent you are running only on your limited personal energy. When you act for the good of the whole or without being attached to the outcome, you access the universal energy that is always available right within you so you have much more power to create.

This translates not just to doing good for the planet, but it also helps you channel energy into your worth personal aspirations.

If you remain open when you are acting without attachment, you also may discover that all action is spontaneously being generated by the source or universal energy that is always here and now. When you discover that you are not the doer you free yourself to simply be and enjoy the peace, love and joy of being that is available to you here and now…whether or not you achieve your goals.

Remember to let go using The Sedona Method

When you get into any type of action remember to let go. Simply getting into action without letting go will often still produce some result. However, if you let go before, during and after your actions as best you can you will find that the results come much more quickly and easily and with a lot less stress and strain on you.

Enjoy getting into action to attract what you want and watch what happens. I am sure you will be very pleasantly surprised. Please let us know how getting into action is helping you achieve what you desire. Please also share this information with everyone you know.

04 March 2009

Best Fat Burning Foods

These superior fat burning foods are recommended by Tom Venuto and have some of the best nutrition value while keeping you fuller to cut down on the calories you normally consume.

Make sure that you get a variety of foods into your diet as these should only be a foundation of healthy eating foods. So here are the leading ten healthiest fat burning foods you can eat for weight loss.

1) Oatmeal

If you had to eat one and only one type of complex carbohydrate to burn fat than oatmeal should become your #1 choice for losing weight. Oatmeal is practically the only complex carbohydrate source bodybuilders and fitness professionals eat when they are burning fat for their competition.

Even though it is a starchy carbohydrate, oatmeal has an excellent balance of carbs, proteins, and fats in it as a half of cup has 3 grams of fats, 27 grams of carbs, and 5 grams of protein. With the combinations of macro nutrients, oatmeal is a healthy choice for its low glycemic rate for slow digestion.

2) Yams (or sweet potatoes)

The second best choice for eating healthy with starchy carbohydrates is yams and sweet potatoes. They are all-natural, low in calories, and with a high nutrient value, it has them being an excellent selection for a fat burning food.

With a low glycemic index having it keeping you fuller longer and digestion slower explains why fitness professionals recommend it for losing weight.

3) 100% Whole Wheat and Whole Grain Products

As it is recommended in all the food pyramids, breads and grains should be a huge part in eating healthy but the rule is they must be 100% whole grain and whole wheat. If you consume white bread then kiss your fat burning goals goodbye as white bread is one of the worst things you can put in your body.

When your goal is weight loss and burning fat keep the focus on breads and grains to a minimum while also only consuming only 100% whole grain and whole wheat.

4) Green Vegetables

Fibrous carbs are the #1 choice for burning fat with carbohydrates. Just think of green vegetables as having very little calories with a huge amount of nutritionist value. If you want to lose weight than focus on eating green vegetables with lean protein and your body will turn into a fat burning machine.

5) Fresh Fruit

Whole and fresh fruits are filled with vitamins that will keep you healthy, energized and burning fat all day long. Most fruits are low in calories, carbs, and high in fiber that makes them a fantastic choice for developing a lean and toned body.

6) Skin Milk and Nonfat Dairy Products

Dairy products are great for weight loss when they are nonfat or skin as others can be every dense in fat and calories. Dairy products have a combination of proteins and carbohydrates that makes them an excellent choice for implementing them into your weight loss eating program.

Stick with lean and nonfat products to keep the calories low and the nutrition value high making them a healthier choice for burning fat and eating healthy.

7) Chicken and Turkey Breast

Chicken and turkey I believe are the number one selection for protein in ones diet. By removing the skin and eating the white meat keeps it consisting of mostly protein for filling you up and eating less at the same time. Whatever way you cook them stay away from frying as that can turn an extremely healthy food into a dieter’s nightmare.

8) Eggs Whites

4 to 6 grams of protein, zero carbs, and zero fats makes egg whites a dieter’s life that much easier. Eggs whites are super-high quality protein but when eating the yoke becomes a habit, say hello to higher cholesterol levels and about 50 more calories that will just go to fat. Keep egg whites a healthy option for you by only eating the white part and putting the yokes in the trash.

9) Fish

Eating a variety of proteins is one of the things complained about the most as many bodybuilders and fitness professionals stick to only eggs, tune, and chicken. By implementing different kinds of fish you are giving yourself a variety of sources of protein to burn fat and lean out your body.

Also add in seafood like shrimp, crab, lobster, mussels, etc. as these all are great sources of protein that are low in fat.

10) Lean Red Meats

Finding good sources of lean red meats can become a struggle but they have many benefits like being high in protein, B-12. iron and creatine. By keeping our portion sizes small and choosing the leaner red meats it can also be a great food source for burning fat and weight loss.

These 10 fat burning foods are not the only foods good for healthy nutrition and weight loss but should help you start a foundation on what foods are good for eating healthy.

Have a great day and God bless!

02 March 2009

5 Simple Steps To Manifest More Money With The Law Of Attraction

Almost everyone I know wants to know how they can increase their cash flow.
Perhaps you have questioned why some people seem to always have money while others struggle just to make ends meet.

I think it is safe to say that most of the world uses and needs money to survive. Although everyone uses and needs money, not everyone has a healthy view about money. Many religions teach that money is the “root of all evil”. They hold on to cliché’s such as “the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.”.

If you want more money in your life, then you’ve got to show money love. This may sound strange to you, but the law of attraction simply stated says “like attracts like”.
Attracting money into your life is much like a love relationship. If you want to attract that sexy woman or that handsome guy into your life, then you call them on the phone. You meet together on a dinner date.

Perhaps you write love letters or sweet poems. You find out what the person likes and make a little surprise gift. You keep a picture of that person in your wallet. You are in love. This is basically what the law of attraction is about. It’s not just saying or writing affirmations. It’s not just using pictures to visualize things. It’s putting your whole heart, soul and mind into it.

With money, it has to be the same way. First step to attracting money is;

1. Realize money is like electricity. In of itself, it is not good or evil. Much like electricity, you can use it to do a lot of good or cause a lot of unhappiness. Many people blame money for their mistakes and are afraid to face responsibility for their own life.
2. Everything that you want to manifest requires a specific spirituality accordingly. Spirituality is an intense feeling for something. It is a healthy and balanced love for something. If you are afraid to love money, how can you ever expect it to want to come to you? Remember, this is a healthy and balanced love.
3. Keep pictures or symbols of money to help you focus and remind you of your intention. You can use pictures of money, real money, or symbols such as rocks or marbles. Use whatever works best for you.
4. Take action. Don’t just take an action for action’s sake, but meditate and think it through. Trust your subconsciousness to lead you to do the right action, but nontheless don’t expect for things to just fall out of the sky into your lap.
5. Imagine. Use your imagination of what you would feel like if you were wealthy. Exactly how much money would you like to have. When? Make it crystal clear into your mind and then work with the feeling of already having it now. I recommend this should be done on a daily basis for at least half an hour, but again, do what works best for you. Remember that you want to do this regularly and you want this to be a fun thing, not a chore.

01 March 2009

Motivation: Keys to Staying Active

You know you need to be physically active to reduce the risk of chronic disease, stress, body fat and improve your overall quality of life. Unfortunately, it's easy to get mixed up in the "how much", "how to" sort of thinking and take no action. Here's a few keys to get you into an active lifestyle:

* Set Goals. You will stay more motivated if you set goals. Identify what you want to accomplish and what steps you need take. Write them down and refer to them often. Choose both short term goals (increase exercise by five minutes each week) and long term goals (lose fifty lbs). Goals must be reasonable or you may set yourself up for failure which often results in quitting your fitness program.

*Create a Reward System. Some individuals stay motivated intrinsically but others benefit from external rewards. Don't be afraid to treat yourself if you had a great workout or lost a couple of lbs.

* Partner-up. Studies have shown that working out with a spouse, friend or group can increase commitment to exercise. Find friends who like to do the same things you do or join a group fitness class. Your dog can also be a great fitness companion for regular walks and jogs.

*Learn. The more you know about staying fit the more you will benefit and enjoy it. Do a little reading- the internet is full if free fitness sites- and use your brain cells to pump up your body.

* Inspiration. Music can add a little motivation to anyone's workout and it helps make the time go faster. Exercise videos can add variety to your program and introduce you to new types of exercise.

* Use the 90%/10% Rule. Don't try to be perfect. If you get your workouts done well 90% of the time that's good enough.

*Crosstrain. Crosstraining means performing a variety of activities. It's great for your overall fitness level and relieves boredom.

Most importantly, choose exercises you enjoy. There's a world of fitness adventure out there for everone. Find out what it is for you and once started, that's when the fun begins.