06 August 2011

Bewitched by Grand Hotel Terme Astro

Grand Hotel Terme Astro has ready 3 proposals for an enchanting remain. Just a few days are adequate to take pleasure in a break that combines the delicious gourmet cuisine of Delle Calle restaurant, the shopping in the Fidenza Oulet Village centre with the special discount of the One Day Card, and of course, the treatment options of the Beauty Farm Alhambra.

Immersed amidst the hills of Tabiano, the wellness centre brings into this corner in Emilia the hammam according to the Moroccan tradition, starting with the \\\"Istanbul Baths\\\" programme, which contemplates the passage through rooms with different temperatures. In the Tepidarium the body softly acclimatises to the temperature (35-40), cuddled by the perfumes and the sweet flowing of the water. In the Calidarium (45-55) it is time for the real vapour bath which opens pores and eliminates toxins and impurities. Finally, in the Frigidarium a regenerating spa session (28-30) will give new energy and vitality. Dulcis in fundo, herbal teas, infusions and pastries to take pleasure in lying on the comfy chaise longues in the relax area.

Straight from the North of Africa two other allies of the skin: the Argan oil, extracted from the seeds of the Argania Spinosa and rich in vitamin E and the Terre de Rassoul, a soap clay enhanced by mineral salts with a high purifying and regenerating property.

In the wellness packages proposed by Grand Hotel Terme Astro countless natural ingredients are employed, such as roses, in the particular purifying therapy for the face, or honey, for a sweet body wrapping, or again critical oils, for a relaxing chicago massage. The combination in between the Dead Sea salts and the avocado in the detoxing peeling is excellent to give new elasticity to the skin and eliminate stretch marks and scars. Finally, particular for the face there is the inebriating energy of the chocolate, a tempting cuddle to take pleasure in without having losing your shape.

Included in the exclusive water pathway of the Beauty Farm Alhambra there are other wonders to encounter: the toning Polynesian shower, with its alternation of hot and cold water jets that reactivate the blood circulation, and the Submerged Sounds where the warm embrace of the water combined with the sounds of nature and the candle light give moments of pure relax.

Argania Spinosa Pathway

3 days- 2 nights

- no cost day-to-day entrance at the hammam prograame \\\"Istanbul Baths\\\"
- 1 purifying body mask to give luminosity and vigour to the skin (rassoul/relax)
- 1 Berber chicago massage with Argan oil
- 1 purifying facial therapy with rose essences
- 1 sun shower in low frequency to rekindle the tan

Passion Pathway

four days - 3 nights

- no cost day-to-day entrance at the hammam prograame \\\"Istanbul Baths\\\"
- 1detoxicating peeling with the Dead Sea salts and avocado and wrapping to give new elasticity to the skin
- 1 oleation with the Argan oil, in white musk or green tea essence.
- 1 facial therapy with chocolate, to stimulate and energize
- 1 foot reflexology
- 1 toning Polynesian rain
- 1 session in the submerged Sounds Bath
- 1 sun shower in low frequency to rekindle the tan

The guests who opt for one of 3 packages of the Grand Hotel Terme Astro will be given the One Day Card, which entitles a 10% discount on the items bought at the Fidenza Outlet Village.
All the packages incorporate a remain in a double or twin room, half board (beverage and meals excluded).

For additional facts about the wellness centre, the conference centre and the animation service of the hotel, please pay a visit to our web site http://www.grandhoteltermeastro.it

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