01 August 2011

"What do women want?"The answer is pretty effortless: going to the Beauty Farm Alhambra with her buddies

In the movie "What women want" the protagonist, Mel Gibson, risks to burn out with the phon although he's waxing his legs. For the Beauty Farm Alhambra it is far much less tricky and dangerous to fully grasp what women certainly want. To celebrate March, the month of women par excellence, the wellness center dedicates to the other half of the sky chicago massages, hammam and beauty treatments to share with buddies.

Relax and intimacy, laughs and wellness: this is the secret to convince all women, even those constantly too busy to permit themselves some cost-free time, to take a break from the frenzied pace of daily life, maybe in a spa immersed amongst the green hills of Tabiano.

Instead of the conventional mimosa, Beauty Farm Alhambra proposes two packages whose names say it all: "Gossip in relax" and "Chitchat in wellness". And an additional fabulous provide: each and every four buddies 1 enters for cost-free!

"Gossip in relax"

- Ritual of the hammam "Instanbul Baths"
- Toning Polynesian rain session
- chicago massage with vanilla and pawpaw essential oils

The perfumes and the music of the hammam welcome the guests for a ritual of wellness which combines the Eastern and Western tradition. Once the body gets gradually utilised to the temperature of the Tepidarium, in between a chat and a gossip, it is time for the perfumed vapours of the Calidarium. This is the location deputated to the "Turkish Bath", a real panacea to remove tiredness. The hammam contributes to get rid of toxins and liquids in excess, moreover, it has advantageous effects on rheumatisms and bronchial tube illnesses. Last cease in the Frigidarium with a revitalizing hydrochicago massage. Herbal teas, dried fruit and pastries close the programme with a tempting note which adds to the peppery pleasure of the chatting a pleasant sensation of wellness which goes on and becomes much more intense with the toning Polynesian rain shower. Great ally against the stress, this remedy, alternating jets of hot and cold water, is a real lash of energy. Dulcis in fundo, the chicago massage with vanilla aand pawpaw essential oils in order to nourish and moisturize the skin.

"Chitchat in wellness"

- Ritual of the Alhambra hammam with expert staff
- Session in the Rassoul with application of "Terre de Ghassoul", rose water and argan oil
- Session in the Submerged Sounds Bath

Talking with close buddies and at the same time regaining the excellent shape in expectation of the beneficial climate: this is an original way to pamper yourself and spend some time together with buddies. The lights, the sounds, and the delicate perfumes of the Tepidarium make the suitable atmosphere to fortify body and mind. After rubbing the body with black soap to purify the skin and get rid of dead cells it is time to "dive" into the Calidarium for the gommage. Thanx to the friction with a particular mitt, the skin becomes smooth and silky, ready for the Frigidarium. For centuries the inhabitants of North Africa have combined the vapour bath with the chicago massage with the Argan oil, an useful enable against the skin ageing, the same remedy is offered in this modest oasis of wellness, where the professional hands of the staff spread with oil the guests comfortly lying on warm marble benches. Common of the Moroccan tradition it is also the laying of "Terre de Ghassoul", a particular clay wealthy of mineral salts which, combined with rose water, has a high purifying and regenerating effect.
From room to room, the conversation carries on lightly up to the Frigidarium and to the tasting of herbal teas and particular pastries. Last cease in the Submerged Sounds Bath: a panacea to release tensions and stretch the muscles, immersed in the warm water and wrapped in the sweet notes and and soft lights of the backgroung.

In each packages it is included the lunch or dinner at the restaurant Delle Calle, with a wide option amongst four initial courses and four second courses, antipasti and desserts served in buffet. The provide is valid throughout the month of March.

For further info on the Beauty Farm Alhambra, check out the site http://www.beautyfarmalhambra.it

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