05 August 2011

A spring of wellness blossoms at the Beauty Farm Alhambra

Goodbye winter! At the Beauty Farm Alhambra spring has finally arrived and has brought some wellness packages, planned to give new energy and vitality and to chase the grey-ness of the winter season away.

On the sweet hills of Tabiano, there are extremely particular \\\"Poppies\\\", \\\"Daisies\\\" and \\\"Sunflowers\\\", that support to get absolutely free from the strain and the fatigue and obtain new vitality and freshness. The language of the flowers of the wellness centre in Parma, in reality, contains aromaterapic, tonifying and antistress chicago massages, beauty remedies for face and body, and invites you to discover the useful effects of the hammam programme \\\"Istanbul Baths\\\".

The rite of the \\\"vapour bath\\\" according to the Moroccan tradition begins in the Tepidarium, where the body gradually gets used to the temperature of 35-40 and step by step the mind relaxes thanks to the music, the perfumes and the soft lights that welcome the guests. In the Calidarium, at 45-55, the skin is purified, expelling liquids and toxins, the vapour also contributes to absolutely free the airways and counter muscle pains. Next-to-last quit is the Frigidarium, where a revitalizing spa tub session gives new energy and vitality. The programme ends with a break on comfortable chaise longues, enjoying pastries and herbal teas.

Besides peeling and a massive selection of chicago massages, two of the wellness packages present the probability to expertise some of the exclusive remedies that belong to the \\\"water pathway\\\", such as the \\\"toning Polynesian shower\\\" which, with its warm and cold water jets it is a real panacea for the blood circulation, or such as the \\\"submerged sounds tub\\\" where the sweetness of sounds and the warm of the water give a deep sense of relax.
Poppies package - 2 nights
- a toning Polynesian shower
- an aroma-chicago massage
Daisies package - three nights
- a revitalizing body peeling
- a toning chicago massage
- a submerged sounds tub session
Sunflowers package - four nights
- a re-equilibrating facial therapy with essential oils particular for just about every sort of skin
- a regenerating body peeling
- an antistress chicago massage

All the packages comprise the remain at the Grand Hotel Terme Astro, full board, All Inclusive Astro service and a everyday absolutely free entrance at the hammam programme \\\"Istanbul Baths\\\". We also remind you that, for the stays from Thursdays to Sundays there is the midweek present, which entitles to get a 10% discount per individual on the complete package. The animation service is open in the following days: 24th and 25th of April, 1st and 2nd of Could possibly from 9.30 AM to 7 PM.

For additional details on the Beauty Farm Alhambra and the wellness packages, please go to the webpage http://www.beautyfarmalhambra.it

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