25 July 2011

Eye Exercises for Astigmatism

Astigmatism vision exercise

Astigmatism is one of the most widespread eyesight conditions. Since there is no outright medical remedy for it, many wonder if there are eye exercises that may help astigmatism.

The healing power of eye exercises and eye relaxation work-outs as a method to enhance eyesight naturally has been a heavily debated topic for the past years. Researchers still discuss if eye exercises can be beneficial for enhancing the visual acuity of people with refractive errors such as astigmatism. While the outcome of most medical tests are pretty arguable, numerous eye exercises have proved to offer fantastic results to people who have attempted them.

Astigmatism is typically caused by irregularly shaped eye structures (corneas or crystalline lenses). Conventional vision doctors believe that these eye structures can't be modified in any alternative way than through refractive eye surgery. Also, some research suggests that holding the eyes in the unchanged position for long periods of time, for instance when reading or working at a PC, may also lead to irreversible changes in the shape of the eye. But, special eye exercises can be quite helpful for slowing down this process or perhaps reversing it. Also, vision exercises are an excellent natural way to alleviate most of the unpleasant signs of astigmatism - blurred vision, eye strain, recurrent headaches or eye stress after doing close up eye activities.

There are several eye exercises that will help people with astigmatism. One of the most effective is the so called Eyes Stretch eye exercise. While it is good for just about anyone with poor vision and even people with 20/20 natural vision, it is very beneficial for folks with astigmatism.

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