25 July 2011

Snoring: The Causes, Effects And Cures

Snoring can take its toll on both your health and your relationships. Sounding like youre sawing logs at night can be a particularly embarrassing situation, and not to mention can really prevent your loved one from getting a good nights sleep. Also, snoring is associated with obstructive sleep apnea. Apparently, even the snorer suffers from disrupted sleeping patterns because he or she wakes up several times in the night to re-establish a patent airway.

More often than not, snorers arent aware of this snore-snort or choke pattern and it usually the partner that brings this to their attention. In the long run, snorers can suffer fatigue, decreased libido, increased daytime sleepiness which can significantly affect productivity or worse, death from oxygen-deprivation injuries. Snoring results from the air vibrating against a narrowed passageway between the nose and the throat. The occlusion is brought about by several processes like the tongue furling back towards the throat during sleep or when the person is inebriated, the deposition of fatty tissues around the throat, or improper body alignment during sleep.

Fortunately, rectifying the causes of stertor or snoring rarely involves surgical management. Lifestyle modifications and natural snoring cures can decrease or even eliminate snoring. Even by just losing a few pounds, the fatty tissues that narrow the airway are significantly reduced. Likewise, cutting back on alcohol and finding better alternatives to muscle relaxants can also help you with your snoring problem.

Devices which act as snoring cure are also widely available. One is anti-snoring mouthpieces. These work by advancing your mandible and maintains that position during your sleeping hours. This maintains the patency of your airway, which simply means, the air does not encounter any obstruction during inspiration. However, remember that this device is inserted into your mouth and over your teeth, hence, you should have an anti snoring mouthpiece that is molded to the shape of your mouth to ensure comfort and prevent dental and jaw problems.

Anti-snoring pillows are also popular alternatives. Poor body alignment during sleep has been identified to cause snoring. Laying on ones back causes the chin to be pushed down to the chest which partially occludes the airway. Snoring pillow are usually designed with the central area thinner than the sides to keep the head and neck extended even during sleep.

There is no question that snoring can decrease your quality of life. Just the same, it is never untreatable.

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