05 January 2012

Exactly Why Is There A Desire To Find Out How To Repair Damaged Hair

There are numerous causes of damaged hair so that so many people are often searching for solutions about How To Repair Damaged Hair. Here are a few primary causes of damaged hair:

  • Use of chemicals
    • Color treatments
    • Relaxers
    • Bleach
    • perms
    • Physical stress or Friction
      • Curling irons and straighteners
      • Blowers or dryers
      • Use of rough brush
      • Hair accessories
      • Salt on hair after a swim
      • Environmental
        • Ultraviolet rays
        • Medical
          • Chemotherapy treating of cancer patients
          • Lithium for bipolar disorder
          • Isotretinoin medicines

As soon as hair is damaged it becomes brittle, uncontrollable, dull and will also have split ends. Let us proceed with a few tips on how to repair damaged hair:

  1. There are vitamin E treatments that you can make on your own or buy from a pharmacy or store. For example, you can drop half a dozen of vitamin E capsules on your shampoo to bring back the lustre and health on your hair.
  2. Never sleep together with chlorine or salt on your own hair. Right after swimming, rinse it properly and never let these harmful chemicals sit on your hair for so long.
  3. It isn't a smart idea to shampoo conditioner on your hair everyday. Perhaps just 2 or 3 times a week would do just fine and maintain your hair's beauty and shine.
  4. Egg and olive oil could do miracles on how to repair damaged hair. All you have to do is usually to mix one egg yolk in a bowl along with two tablespoons essential olive oil then thoroughly put it on the hair and also on the ends of your hair for a few minutes before rinsing and using shampoo. That is going to rejuvenate your hair to make it glossy again.
  5. Do not utilize hair dryer often when you can handle it. Otherwise, just use the lowest setting or even make use of the low-heat option. Carry out the same thing with irons, the lowest temperature setting is recommended.
  6. Other people may be hesitant in cutting their hair but on the other hand, regular trims can actually do the hair good and encourage that it will grow faster and more healthy. That is an excellent tip on How To Repair Damaged Hair.
  7. Do deep conditioning once a week as a habit. Apart from eggs and olive oil, there are many fruits you may apply as well for example bananas and avocado and also mayonnaise. You can also use aloe vera which has medicinal use and properties in order to make the hair strong and thick. Leave it for some minutes before you rinse.
  8. Aside from olive oil, you can also make use of coconut oil if it is readily available in your area as another option to repair your damaged hair.

Indeed having a damaged hair includes a huge effect on a person's self- esteem particularly if you are a woman as having the long hair will make it more noticeable. The hair is very much part of a person's appeal and it is one part of the body that people would focus initially when looking at someone which is why it is very necessary that we all know how to repair damaged hair.

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