20 January 2012

How To Lose Weight Through An Attitude Change

Experience has shown that people who go on a diet almost always are doomed to fail.

Strange but true. Diets are stressful. Stress causes hormones to be released that start a whole chain reaction of eating issues for a lot of people. People who diet under hypnosis do not suffer from stress and are therefore more successful in losing excess poundage.

Many overweight people lead a stressful life who seeks an outlet by eating compulsively, which gives them fleeting relief at best. The pressure will be back immediately after. The fact is that the sense of relief is an illusion. The endless circle makes them feel helpless and impotent. Not only didn't you solve your problems, you created a new one, right there around your waist.

The solution?

The trick would be to disabuse your mind from looking for food as an emotional outlet. In the time it takes to forage for your favorite quick-fix food, you can take steps to break the cycle, beat stress, eliminate emotional eating and yes, finally drop that excess weight for good without even trying.

Food cravings, especially for emotional eaters, mean you want something else. It could be creative stimulation, companionship, or more satisfaction in life. When do you feel like eating? When you feel bored or helpless or dissatisfied? Once you figure out what the real issue is you have a great chance to change the behavior. Here's how to figure it out and "feed" your real issue.

Record your food habits. Every time you reach for food, write down what you eat and how you were feeling. Watch for any signs of a pattern. Once you have a clear picture, you can think of how to disrupt it.

Shop for some new "stimulants." Do you eat when you're bored? What you need is to feed your mind with other things aside from food, like books, CDs, DVDs and similar things that can keep your idle mind occupied and away from food. This should serve you in good stead when the time comes.

Look for a confidante. Do you eat to escape painful feelings? Commune with a person, not with food. You will feel much better with encouraging words from a friend.

Do other things. Join a club or a gym. When you're engrossed in something you love, you forget all about eating, especially if you're active. Physically demanding activities would be perfect because it will complement your diet program.

Follow your dreams. Moving towards goals one little step at a time is satisfying. Once you have a purpose in life and working towards its realization and finding success along the way will give your life a renewed meaning and purpose and a sense of gratification, of which food has nothing to do about.

Find new rewards. Like most people, you probably eat to celebrate happiness too. Don't however treat yourself to a sumptuous meal, buy a nice gift instead.

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