23 January 2012

How to Allow Your Intuition Take You

Now there is absolutely nothing in any way incorrect with having a feeling of intuition. In fact it is almost the opposite.

The human mind is a potent tool that is in a position to make nearly anything it can see. For instance, the human thoughts continues to be in a position to make machines to deliver man into space and to the moon. The human mind has created a worldwide telecommunication network that allows you to immediately talk with somebody around the other side of this planet. And the human mind has created circumstances to construct the human population to more than 7 billion individuals.

The human cerebral cortex does have an nearly unlimited quantity of energy to make what it wants to make.

Nevertheless, the human brain can also sabotage. For instance, after i paddled to the other surfers and sat within the middle of this pack my brain was screaming to me 'What the hell are you currently doing?' If I had listened to my head that day while surfing at Flat Rock I'd have freaked out, paddled back again to the outside in the pack and probably not even ridden a wave. For it's this constant chatter within our own mind that calls us away from the subtle pull of the organic power that is continually guiding us.

Now again, there is absolutely nothing in any way incorrect with pondering and tapping into your intuition. That is just what the brain does. Similar to the physical job of your heart would be to pump blood, so the physical job in the brain would be to think. That's just what it does.

Nevertheless we usually place a lot focus around the ideas within our head that it drowns out the subtle voice in the heart and of the power that is continuously guiding us. That is probably why there is a lot of anxiousness and tension within our current culture. Rather than proceeding with the organic movement in the universal power, our minds get within the way and block the organic movement. That is why things have a tendency to get way out of alignment and we frequently really feel a sense of disconnection.

Nevertheless there is another way. There is a method to get out of your thoughts and come into alignment to your senses. And once you are inside your senses you are able to open up to sensing the subtle pull from within. The veil lifts and you are able to really feel that sense of connection with all things. And also to tap into their distinctive wisdom. To the wisdom contained within the wilderness.

We've all had those occasions in life when things just don't work out for us. Perhaps we've gotten into monetary difficulties. Or maybe our romantic relationships have broken down about us. Or maybe we really feel we're in an nearly constant state of anxiety and stress.

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