24 January 2012

This Article Is Important for Women's Hair Loss Sufferers

There are all sorts of reasons for women's hair loss: a bad reaction to a hair care product, nutritional issues, medical problems, genetics etc. When you know why you're losing your hair or it's thinning out, you're in a better position to know how to respond. Whether you prefer to use traditional medicine or opt for home cures, there is almost always a way to help make your hair healthier as well as measures that will help improve the rest of your health too. SEO Link Monster, balkonske ograje, SEO Link Monster Review

Sometimes, hair loss can be caused by medications you are taking. Perhaps the most well known example of this is chemotherapy which causes hair loss quickly. Your hair will grow back after your treatment has stopped so you might think about wearing a wig in the meantime. There are a bunch of medications that could cause you to experience hair loss like those that are used to lower cholesterol, help you lose weight, treat depression and to lower high blood pressure. So if you are on any sort of medication and simultaneously experiencing hair loss, you need to ask your doctor to determine if one is causing the other. Don't stop taking medication without talking to your health care practitioner, as this could be dangerous.

Certain vitamins and supplements may be helpful at reducing hair loss or stimulating regrowth.

One vitamin that can prove useful at treating both hair loss and premature graying of the hair is PABA, which can be found in many multivitamin supplements and by itself as well. You have to ensure that you get all of your essential B vitamin in your diet, especially B5 or pantothenic acid. You need to make sure that you take enough zinc because it really helps in the health of your hair. There are also some multi vitamin supplements that were made with the health of your hair in mind.

Green tea is recommended for everything from cancer prevention to weight loss but did you already know that it can be really good for improving the health of your hair too? Recent research has proven that green tea contains a powerful antioxidant called EGCG which can promote the growth of your hair follicles. This is just one reason that you should start drinking green tea if you don't already do so regularly. Green tea contains caffeine but only about half the amount you'd get from a cup of coffee and that makes it a gentler stimulant to drink later on in the day and evenings. Whatever you've chosen as your method for helping your hair, make sure that you're also drinking a few cups of green tea daily too. There are many approaches to treating women's hair loss, so you shouldn't get discouraged if you're having this problem. You just need to take it one step at a time which means the first thing you need to do is figure out why it has been happening and then tracking down the best treatment. Stay focused and you won't have a problem finding an appropriate way to deal with women's hair loss; the points we've discussed in these paragraphs should help you get a good start.

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