13 January 2012

Natural Ear Infection Home cure

If you're looking over this article, you are obviously searching for an ear infection home remedy. I would like to explain from the beginning that it's highly better to see a physician for all kinds of ear infection, as they can be dangerous when left untreated!That being said, there are ways to help heal an ear infection from home, and there most definitely methods to reduce the pain.

Tea Tree oil is a very potent treatment for this sort of infection. . Blend 2 or 3 drops by having an equal quantity of coconut oil, and set a few drops of the mixture within the infected ear.

Consume a diet rich in vitamin C, or take some vitamin C supplements. This can also help to avoid catching a cold, which will make an your problem a whole lot worse. These can be located in flavored chewables if you do not like taking things in a pill form.

On the subject of diet, garlic, onion, and ginger are known for healing ear infections, as silly as it sounds.

Olive oil is very beneficial. It will help to remove earwax with ease. Mineral oil is also an excellent ear infection home remedy!

Zinc is a great, natural way of reducing infection.

There are certain foods that should be avoided completely for the duration of the problem. These include bananas, watermelon, papaya, oranges, and cucumbers. The reason for this is because these food types improve your chance of coming down with a cold. A cold isn't fun to possess, but you most definitely wish to cure it when you have an infection!

As far as pain relief goes, you can take ibuprofen or tylenol. If you opt to use garlic oil or mineral oil, those should assist with pain relief as well as healing the problem.

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