04 January 2012

Permanent Pearly Whites Can Be Yours

How do your favorite Hollywood stars manage to keep their smiles bright and white? With magic known as dental veneers. These are customized, wafer-thin shells of tooth-colored materials that are designed to cover the front surface of the teeth for a brighter smile. These shells are bonded to the teeth to enhance their color, size, shape, and length and done properly that people won't even notice the difference unless you tell them.

In addition to reflecting light naturally, porcelain also resists stains better, which is why more dentists recommend it than veneers made from resin composite materials. Veneers are usually done for several reasons, the first of which is due to discolored teeth. Discolored teeth may be caused by root canal treatment, tetracycline stains, the presence of excessive fluorides, and large resin fillings. Veneers can be done for other reasons like worn-down, chipped or broken teeth, teeth with gaps in between and teeth that are misaligned, and uneven and irregular in shape.

Three trips are what it takes to get dental veneers done, one for consultation and the other two to make and apply them. You can have it applied to one tooth or have it done simultaneously. Remember, however, that you will need to explain to your dentist exactly the results you want to achieve as it can be a costly and rather painful endeavor to have them re-done.

There are two choices available nowadays for people who want to have veneers done, and one is a breakthrough system that easily provides perfectly customized porcelain veneers at an affordable cost. In fact, this system, known as GlamSmile, allows you to have up to 10 veneers done at only a fraction of the total cost for dental veneers. Made with thin layers of fine porcelain, the traditional and standard porcelain veneers is also an option you can go for.

Both you and the people you smile at feel better when you have a great smile. Set up a smile appointment with your dentist now and dazzle with those pearly whites!

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